About Dan and The Foundation


In 2006 I met the most wonderful man.  In fact I thought he can’t be real, no one is this amazing.  Well he was, we were married in 2008 and were never so happy.   He had the ability to affect everyone he met in a positive way, leaving his imprint on his or her life.  I have never met someone so loved, loving, selfless, caring, thoughtful, humble, dedicated and hard working as Dan Green.   He would do anything for anyone and he always put himself last.  In 2011 we lost Dan, this angel who walked on earth amongst us all.  Even though our time was short, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Dan changed my life forever.  He made me want to be a better person.  In fact, I think he had that effect on many. 

That is why in 2012 a group of very close friends and I started the Dan Green’s Touch a Life, Heal a Heart, Inc.   Our mission is to help those in need in Walworth County.  We have succeeded in doing so with events like Pig in the Park, The Angel Walk, Uncle D’s Christmas Party and Santa Cruise.  Our proceeds benefit Children’s Oncology Services, Camp One Step at conference point, Open Arms Free Medical Clinic Angle Fund, Veteran’s, Local Food Pantry’s, Health and Human Services of Walworth County toy drive (and helped with Fontana Park Projects).   I want to thank the board, volunteers and supporters of the Dan Green’s Touch a Life, Heal a Heart, Inc. Foundation for all the support, hard work, dedication and care to the mission of the foundation.   You have all touched lives and healed hearts.

I would like to share one of our experiences with you.   Our foundation spent some time working at One Step Camp last year.  This is a camp dedicated to kids with Cancer. During the last night, kids spoke about their experiences at camp.  Their childhoods have been taken over by hospital visits, doctor appointments, sickness and thoughts of how long they may actually live.  Our hearts broke as campers shared the their lives stories of surviving with cancer.  Suddenly every worry you had escaped your mind as children spoke of real struggles but each child lit up when they spoke about camp.  Over and over campers used words like confidence, life long friendships, understanding, and judgment free, real happiness.   Their sicknesses were forgotten, even if it was for only a short time and they could just be kids.   The children we met are true heroes in my book.  Experiences like this one and many others, give us the drive to keep moving forward in our mission.  We hope you will come and support our upcoming events and help change the lives of those in need with us. 


Mary with her late husband Dan


Foundation Officers

President           Mary Kriete Green
Vice President   Jamie Ahrens
Secretary           Bridget Vanhout-Beth
Treasurer           Richard Ahrens

Board Members

Michael Kriete
Joe Special
Rob Heaver

Commitee Member

Kate Nitsch
Tanya Austin

Pig in the park-9


What started as a way for many of those who loved Dan to carry on his legacy in the form of a nonprofit organization to benefit the people of Walworth County has grown to touching many lives, helping heal countless hearts beyond Walworth County. And, with the support of dedicated volunteers and generous donors the Foundation will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The Foundation’s primary causes are:

Children’s Oncology Services’ “Kids with Cancer” One Step Programs that includes a summer Camp in Lake Geneva, Wi.

Open Arms Free Clinic to serve the health and wellness needs of the uninsured, low income, and under-served residents of Walworth County.

Helping local Veterans in need, in the service of the homeless, home-bound and hospitalized Armed Forces men and women.

We also donate to the local food pantries and Toy Drives and support myTEAMTRIUMPH.

Your inquiries are always welcomed and your donation will be put to very good use.

Mary Kriete-Green